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Narconon — Miscavige’s Worst Nightmare Coming True | Scientology

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David Miscavige, Supreme Leader of the Scientology Sea Organization for life and answerable to no one.

David Miscavige, Supreme Leader of the Scientology Sea Organization for life and answerable to no one.

This is Miscavige’s worst nightmare.

Mary Rieser and anyone else at Narconon Atlanta will likely be thrown under the bus if ONLY because Miscavige figures they are so tainted that ANYTHING done to try to help defend them will blow back on the church and him because this whole Narconocalypse is being watched SO closely by the media.

I suspect his biggest concern right now is that this is a breach in the wall that has held back law enforcement/govt agencies from conducting any criminal prosecutions of anything related to Scientology in the US for decades. Not since the GO raids has anything like this happened. Will this small crack widen and some other government agencies will decide they can get through the breach in what has been an impenetrable fortress for more than 30 years?

Miscavige sits on the horns of a real dilemma — what do you do?

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Carry on David Miscavige. You are your own worst enemy.

There’s nothing I can add to what Mike Rinder already said here.

Scientology Inc is already dead. Now the process begins of seeing that the criminals of the Sea Organization are going to be brought to justice.

It’s been a long time coming.



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Photo by WSB’s Pete Combs

Pete Combs at Atlanta’s WSB Radio announced today that state and county officials entered Scientology’s drug rehab center in the Atlanta area — Narconon Georgia — and confiscated evidence in an ongoing state investigation of insurance fraud.

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Narconon IS Scientology. It’s run by the Sea Organization and fees run upward to the Sea Organization licensing front group ABLE

Rena Weinberg, President of ABLE, is a long time Sea Organization member and has been incarcerated in Scientology’s Concentration Camp near Hemet, CA for five years. She may still be there today. The ABLE website still has Rena listed as President of the organization.

Rena Weinberg, President of ABLE, is a long time Sea Organization member and has been incarcerated in Scientology’s Concentration Camp near Hemet, CA for five years. She may still be there today. The ABLE website still has Rena listed as President of the organization.






NBC Rock Center | Scientology-linked rehab Narconon under fire from two former executives – Airs Tonight 10/9c



Narconon is a front group for Scientology Inc

Narconon speciously recruits and swindles money for Scientology.

“Narconon preys on vulnerable people. That’s part of the sales techniques,”

said Lucas Catton, who stepped down as President of Narconon’s Arrowhead facility in Oklahoma in 2004.

Now, Luke Catton and Eric Tenorio, two former Narconon executives, are coming forward with evidence of the fraud that Narconon and it’s licensing body, ABLE, are.

Tenorio said he believes the deaths at Narconon Arrowhead could have been prevented if qualified addiction counselors had been on staff.

Beyond the teachings of L. Ron Hubbard, he said, staff members do not receive instruction on how to treat people addicted to drugs or alcohol.

And if there is any question whether or not it’s ALL ABOUT THE MONEY, Catton addresses that here:

“You’re willing to either lie to [prospective clients] or misrepresent who you are or take people who aren’t really qualified; anything to bring in the money to keep the facility going, week after week after week,” said Catton.

Tony Ortega will be covering this broadcast live from The Underground Bunker tonight, so be sure to check in there and join the conversation.




The Church of Scientology’s Control Over Narconon Arrowhead

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Do you want to know how Narconon was really destroyed? Here it is from somebody who witnessed it.

The Church of Scientology’s Control Over Narconon Arrowhead
by Luke Catton

Luke Catton

Narconon in Oklahoma was the brainchild of the Church of Scientology from its inception in 1989 at the old Chilocco Indian School. It was destined to be a PR nightmare from the start because it was a contrived centerpiece designed to showcase to the rest of the world how “superior” they were to “wog” and psych-based programs.
It was a make-wrong from the very beginning and they paid dearly with the legal battles with the Oklahoma Department of Mental Health and Substance Abuse Services. The temporary cease-fire of the CARF accreditation (Commisson on Accreditation of Rehabilitation Facilities) and the ingenuity of some staff members on the Internet helped Narconon Chilocco really start to grow from the mid 90′s all the way up to about 2005.

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You can read more from Luke at his blog The Truth as I See It

This place needs to be shut down NOW.

Four people have died at this Narconon facility in Oklahoma – three in a ten month period. That’s the simplicity of the situation.

Once again, David Miscavige and his Sea Org soldier/priests have taken something good and reduced it to something bad.




Former President of Narconon Oklahoma Now Calls It “Watered-Down Version of Introductory Scientology”

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Lucas Catton

A week ago, we reported that a former “employee” at Scientology’s flagship drug treatment center in Oklahoma — Narconon Arrowhead — told us that the controversial center was delivering Scientology training rather than drug education, and that its officials have been concerned for years that its state certification was “extremely vulnerable.” (The center is currently under investigation by local and state agencies for four deaths that have occurred there, three since last October.)

We didn’t name that source, but now, he’s come forward on his own.

We can now say that it is a former president of Narconon Arrowhead, Lucas Catton, who spoke to us about the troubled facility’s past, and about his involvement not only in promoting the place, but also helping to operate its deceptive Internet referral network.

We had promised to keep Catton’s identity secret, but then yesterday, he decided to out himself publicly with a lengthy blog post explaining to his former friends in Scientology why he was driven out of the church. We spoke to him briefly this morning, and now we can report what else he told us.

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Narconon Not Scientology? Then Why Is Its Leader in the Church’s Concentration Camp?

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Where’s Rena?

On Saturday, we took you inside the troubled Scientology drug treatment center in eastern Oklahoma, Narconon Arrowhead.

Three deaths have occurred at the center since October, and the most recent of them, Stacy Murphy, 20, was found on the morning of July 19.

A former patient of the center who knew Stacy told us what conditions were like at the center, which uses Scientology’s odd “training routines” rather than drug counseling. We also talked to a former employee of the facility who told us about the shaky history of Narconon Arrowhead’s certification by the state of Oklahoma. Even before the recent deaths, he told us, officials at the center had worried that its certification was “vulnerable.”

And now, we have startling information about the connection between Narconon and Scientology itself which, like so many other stories we’ve explored here, brings us right back to church leader David Miscavige’s concentration camp for executives, known as “The Hole.”

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Once again Tony Ortega has torn the lid off of the not-so-hidden secret that Scientology’s Sea Organization operates Narconon as a front group for Scientology.

The Association for Better Living and Education, or ABLE, is staffed entirely by Sea Organization members. All Narconon’s pay licensing fees to ABLE.

Stop Human Trafficking in the Sea Organization

Multiple sources have reported that Rena Weinberg, a long-time Sea Organization member and President of ABLE, has been incarcerated in Scientology’s concentration camp near Hemet, California on the orders of David Miscavige, Supreme Leader of the Sea Organization.

Rena Weinberg, President of ABLE, is a long time Sea Organization member and has been incarcerated in Scientology’s Concentration Camp near Hemet, CA for five years. She may still be there today. The ABLE website still has Rena listed as President of the organization.

Sea Org on Sea Org violence is real and it must be stopped.

In the 1960’s Hubbard founded the Guardian’s Office. They could not get their own “ethics in” and ultimately the U.S. Government had to. Hubbard’s wife and many others served Federal prison sentences. Hubbard was named an undicted co-conspirator and spent the rest of his natural life on the move.

Today, the Sea Org cannot get it’s “ethics in” and now the rest of Mankind will.

Four individuals have died at the Narconon facility in Oklahoma – three in ten months. This facility needs to be shut down IMMEDIATELY until an investigation can be completed and the State of Okalhoma can get to the bottom of exactly what is going on in that facility.






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