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Scientology | Johannesburg “Ideal” Org — Truth Revealed

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Johannesburg, South Africa. Scientology Supreme Leader David Miscavige’s pet project

I have written a number of articles concerning the Miscavige “Ideal Orgs” scam.

I have compared it to policy and shown it is squirrel. I have pointed out how it has destroyed the LRH Birthday Game and the idea of staff moving up to OT.

But this write up puts everything into perspective. Strip away the hype and hoopla, the lies and false promises and this story tells of reality.

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Truth Revealed

About the lies, “acceptable truths” and “shore stories” of David Miscavige, his Loyal Officers, and the general incompetence and arrogance of the Sea Organization.

The Great Ideal Orgs Scam – Update

Moving On Up a Little Higher

By Mike Rinder

The continued descent of the Church of Scientology from theta into MEST is well illustrated by the Great Ideal Orgs Scam.

You may recall earlier posts describing the beginning of the incident of this 3rd dynamic engram – Buffalo org the subject of an eminent domain action and Tampa org in a strip mall and an embarrassment to Dear Leader who was in Clearwater to ensure his role as executive C/S of Lisa McPherson didn’t surface in the legal proceedings following her death.

With a continued campaign of propaganda by redefinition of terms, Miscavige’s “bright idea” has now morphed into the “LRH Ideal Org strategy.”  Of course, it is nothing of the sort. It is in fact the David Miscavige ideal money making strategy. Anyone who has ever read the Ideal Org PL knows it does NOT call for buying large, unfillable buildings and spending a…

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BuzzFeed | READ THIS: Is Scientology Self-Destructing?

Check out this well-written and comprehensive report on the actual state of Scientology Inc. and their real estate money making scam. Special thanks to Luis Garcia, Amy Scobee, Jeff Hawkins and many others who came forward with their own testimonials of how they were scammed and swindled out of significant sums of money by a cult that has been sanctioned by the U.S. Government to loot tax free.

“They’re a multinational corporation that has one aspect that’s religious.” – Hugh Urban, author of The Church of Scientology: A History of a New Religion

Author and Scientology whistleblower Marty Rathbun has provided an excellent commentary on this BuzzFeed report and you can read that here:





The Atlantic | Regarding an advertisement from the Church of Scientology that appeared on TheAtlantic.com on January 14


We screwed up. It shouldn’t have taken a wave of constructive criticism — but it has — to alert us that we’ve made a mistake, possibly several mistakes. We now realize that as we explored new forms of digital advertising, we failed to update the policies that must govern the decisions we make along the way. It’s safe to say that we are thinking a lot more about these policies after running this ad than we did beforehand. In the meantime, we have decided to withdraw the ad until we figure all of this out. We remain committed to and enthusiastic about innovation in digital advertising, but acknowledge—sheepishly—that we got ahead of ourselves. We are sorry, and we’re working very hard to put things right.

‘If you tell the truth, it becomes a part of your past. If you lie, it becomes a part of your future.’

Another epic fail by Scientology Inc. Chairman David Miscavige. By trying to push his propaganda and lies on the public at large that the dwindling group of Scientology cult members so eagerly swallow up Miscavige and his Loyal Officers have managed to draw the ire and ridicule of most of the English reading world.

Whatever money you spent on The Atlantic ad has bought you an avalanche of bad publicity. The dollar amount of media impressions that this worldwide debacle is worth is inestimable.

I can’t see how David Miscavige is not an agent provocateur.

Carry on, Miscavige. You are your own worst enemy.

Or maybe not. What are you actual intentions, Miscavige?


There’s an old theory in public relations that “all news is good news”. Perhaps that is true if you are a Hollywood starlet, but it’s not true in the case of religion or philosophy because they require establishing TRUST as a prerequisite to acceptance of the message.

Read the Google cache of the cult-sponsored content here

The Atlantic

New York Times

New York Times


Wall Street Journal

Wall Street Journal

The Atlantic

The Atlantic

Washington Post

Washington Post

Washington Post

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David Miscavige The Tax Delinquent

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by Luis Garcia

“On Saturday, June 2, city and state dignitaries joined thousands of Scientologists in downtown Santa Ana to dedicate the new Church of Scientology of Orange County.”

And so starts the magnificent tale of the opening of yet another exuberant, oversized and empty building, disguised as a “church” where “Visitors are invited to take a self-guided tour of the expansive Public Information Center, presenting informational and documentary films on every aspect of the religion, including the life and legacy of Founder L. Ron Hubbard.”

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