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Drudge Report | Ex-Scientologist Reviews Will Smith’s ‘AFTER EARTH

Marc Headley, 15 year Scientology Sea Organization staff member and escapee of David Miscavige’s Cult gulag, reviews Will Smith’s new movie and highlights the hidden Cult messages in it.

Learn about Marc Headley’s escape here:

Blown for Good tells the story of one man’s journey growing up inside Scientology and ultimately escaping from the Scientology International Headquarters he worked at for 15 years.

David Miscavige Engineers… Nasty Attack on Family

Watchful Navigator

While Director of Special Affairs at the Celebrity Centre Dallas, I, Scott Gordon, started and ran an active local chapter of the Citizens Commission on Human Rights, founded by the late, great Thomas Szasz, champion of liberty and opponent of coercive political psychiatry.

Front Cover

CCHR North Texas was closely allied with CCHR Texas, perhaps the most effective CCHR group on the planet, and was a descendent of Dallas CCHR Investigator Bob Frybarger’s phenomenal take-down of psychiatric fraud in the largest-ever FBI raid of its kind in the early 1990’s on Charter hospital and its pay-off scheme which recruited patients into enforced psychiatric treatment for all the insurance money they could bilk.

I oversaw the primary function of the group newly formed – to field and follow-up on, complaints from victims of the abuses of coercive psychiatry.  One particularly sinister organization that figured into the harassment and enforced deprivation of children from…

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The $43,000 Bounty

Reblogged from Moving On Up a Little Higher:

As reported last month, the Marc and Claire Headley vs. Scientology Inc lawsuit dismissal was upheld on appeal, see Headley Case Dissmissal Upheld. The case however is not over.

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Stop Fair Game

The Cult Scientology Inc applies a practice called “Fair Game” to whistleblowers or any of their “imagined” enemies. This was a policy written in the 1960’s by the founder which is still ruthlessly applied to this very day. Do a Search on the term “Scientology Fair Game”




Scientology to Marc and Claire Headley: Spy For Us and We’ll Forget the $43K You Owe

Reblogged from the Village Voice:

Marc and Claire Headley

The Voice has obtained a remarkable document — a letter from Scientology’s attorneys which explains how the church would agree to forgive almost $43,000 in court costs if Marc and Claire Headley agree to turn over information about former Scientology executive Marty Rathbun and “others involved in disparaging” the church, “including any media contacts.”

In July, we reported that the Headleys lost in the U.S. Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals after a lower court had dismissed their 2009 lawsuits against the church. In a lengthy and detailed decision, federal appellate judge Diarmuid O’Scannlain found that as longtime members of Scientology’s hardcore “Sea Org,” the Headleys had certainly endured hardships — Claire claimed that she had been forced to have an abortion in order to keep up with the Sea Org’s 100-hour weeks while paid pennies an hour — but Scientology had not violated human trafficking laws.

After that court victory, Scientology was entitled to court costs, and the Headleys received three bills totaling $42,852.06. As a matter of procedure, they say, their attorney asked the church to waive those costs.

They were stunned when they got the church’s response, explaining what it wanted in order to make that debt go away.

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Stop Fair Game




Headley Case Dismissal Upheld

Razor-tipped fences at Scientology International Headquarters courtesy of Public Intelligence.info

Moving On Up a Little Higher

The dismissal of Marc and Claire Headley’s case against Scientology Inc. was upheld by the US 9th Circuit Court of Appeals.

headley case 9th Circuit opinion

The lawyer who originally filed the case did Marc and Claire a disservice by putting all their eggs in the Human Trafficking issue basket.  Note, the counsel who argued the case in the 9th Circuit for the Headleys – not the same lawyer who brought the case in the first place – did a noble job with what she had been given to work with.

While the 9th Circuit upheld the dismissal of the lawsuit, the court indirectly condemned what had happened to the Headleys.   After taking several pages to reason why the Human Trafficking standard was not met, the court concluded the decision with these words:

Likewise, we do not decide how the Headleys might have
fared under a different statute or…

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