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Prop. 35 backers say human-trafficking measure is needed; foes argue it’s badly flawed

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Dellena Hoyer says she was 12 years old, a runaway in Oak Park with nowhere to go, when she met her first pimp.

She describes a life in tatters: a neglectful mother, sexually abusive relatives, a growing résumé of group and foster homes. Having fled yet another, she said, she stood on the street that night, not knowing where she would sleep.

The big man in the big Cadillac was nice to her. He offered a ride. She went.

As a child, Hoyer wanted to be a professional dancer. What she became was a prostitute – and it was not by choice, she argues today.

Now 50 and a licensed drug and alcohol counselor in the Sacramento region, Hoyer has been sharing her story with lawmakers and voters in hopes of shedding light on the many forces, including life circumstances and manipulative men, that she says might compel children to…

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The Sex Slave Next Door

Let’s all keep our eyes open and put a stop to human trafficking before it starts.

News on Modern Day Slavery

When Alissa was only 16 years old, she met an older man at a Dallas convenience store. In the amount of time that it took for her to step inside for a Diet Coke and a pack of Newports, the man talked Alissa into giving him her phone number and walked her back out to the car, even opening the driver side door for her. Over the next few weeks he wooed Alissa, taking her to expensive restaurants and complimenting her fragile beauty. Those first few weeks were filled with expensive gifts and a promise of a better life. When Alissa’s new boyfriend asked her to move in with him, she said yes without hesitation, her eyes filled with the promise of safety and security.

Instead of finding security in her new home, Alissa slowly broke to her new boyfriend’s control. He began to beat her, forced her to watch…

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Los Angeles City Council Votes Unanimously To Support Proposition 35, Stop Human Trafficking in California

Let’s all support Proposition 35 in California.

The child you save may be your own.

News on Modern Day Slavery

On Friday, August 17th, the Los Angeles City Council voted unanimously to support Proposition 35 – Stop Human Trafficking in California. Slated for the November 2012 ballot, Proposition 35 is an initiative that will fight against human trafficking and the sexual exploitation of women and children in the state. Today’s action by the City Council carries special significance given that Los Angeles is one of three cities in the state recognized by the FBI as high intensity child sex trafficking areas.

Los Angeles City Councilwoman Jan Perry led the motion to support Proposition 35, saying: “By supporting Prop 35,Los Angeles is fighting back against human trafficking of vulnerable women and children that is happening in our community. Unfortunately, Los Angeles is a center for child sex trafficking, but we can fight back against these terrible crimes by passing Prop 35 and putting in place tougher penalties for human traffickers. We urge all voters in Los Angeles and throughout the state of California to…

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In California, An Effort To Fight Human Trafficking

News on Modern Day Slavery

In California, An Effort To Fight Human Trafficking

This November, California voters will decide on a ballot initiative that would strengthen penalties for those involved in the sex trafficking of women and children. The CASE Act — or Californians Against Sexual Exploitation — would make those cases easier to prosecute. And if it passes, those convicted of the crime would have to register as sex offenders, which they’re not currently required to do.

Los Angeles is a major hub for child sex trafficking in the state, though the LAPD does not give out numbers on how widespread the problem is because it is such an underreported crime. The average age of victims, according to Lt. Andre Dawson, head of the LAPD’s Human Trafficking Unit, is 13 years old.

Pulling up the website, Backpage.com, Dawson reads from a posted ad.

“It says ‘Stunning, beautiful, sexy, no disappointments.’ It shows the age…

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