Scientology inc. Has Overts on the Narconon Network

This is a comment written by The Oracle that I fully agree with, reblogged from the post Scientology 101 on Moving On Up a Little Higher

Scientology inc. Has Overts on the Narconon network. First of all, the staff in the Sea Org have no business managing drug issues. God knows if one of them sneaked a tablespoon of Pepto Mismol for an upset tummy it would be with hold enough to blow.


A.B.L.E. INT begged for MILLIONS of dollars of donations for Chilloco and the Narconon network. Not only did NONE of that money go towards helping the Narconon network, (they stole the donations, it went straight into CofS bank accounts although it was DEDICATED for Narconon and HELPING CHILDREN, not only did they beg for money for Narconons, they kept it for their G.I. stats at A.B.L.E. and even went into the existing Narconons and took all of their reserves! Up at A.B.L.E. Int while begging for millions in donations the execs referred to Chilloco and Narconon Network as ” A Fucking abortion”. The people in the network as “D.B.’s” yet they pimped those “D.B.’s” and those kids on drugs to squeeze millions of dollars in donations out of Church Members. They can’t tolerate anyone with a drug problem anywhere on any Church lines. The E.D. of Narconon Int has a stat of Gross Income regged from the Narconons! Any Narconon with $50.00 in reserves is expected to cough it up to A.B.L.E.! At one time Narconon Italy was the largest feeder line of new public to the Flag Land Base! A.B.L.E. squeezed every penny out of the Narconons in Italy sending E.D. Narconon Int (non Sea Org) “on tour” to get the money out of Narconon’s bank accounts while begging for donations from Members in the U.S. “for Narconon”! This is true. Patty Schwartz, the former E.D. Narconon Int will tell anyone!

Applied Scholastics? For real? Sea Org Members consider themselves “super literate” because they can look up words in a dictionary. Sea Org Staff are socially illiterate to begin with. They are wholly out of communication with Earth people. So they are socially illiterate. They would not have a clue what is going on the world. The word “literate” means:

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Very well said Oracle.

Regarding the Sea Organization, this is what I have observed by and large of these people also.


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