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Laura DeCrescenzo in the Sea Org the year of her abortion, 1996

The Scientology Sea Organization is a Human Trafficking syndicate operating unchecked in the United States today.

This is the true story of Sea Organization captivity, slavery, torture and mind control.

Please read Tony Ortega’s report.

Thank you Laura for your courage and persistence.

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Inside the brutal and hopeless world of Mumbai’s trafficked teenage sex slaves

News on Modern Day Slavery

It was pitch black as I stumbled through the labyrinth of the dark corridors of a large brothel house in Kamathipura, Mumbai’s notorious red-light district. I’d been told to hide my camera under my scarf, not to speak and not to make eye contact with anyone. With my hand I felt the filthy walls dripping with condensation from the intense heat.

Eventually, guided by my Indian fixer, I came to a dimly lit door at the end of a corridor. Like a prison guard, an ageing madam came to the front of the brothel and unlocked the large padlock with her set of keys. I was taken into the reception area of the brothel, the space where the customers are taken to select a girl. In the ceiling I could see a small, open trap door. When the madam had disappeared, I climbed up a wooden ladder and pushed through…

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Scientology Rescue

Scientology rescue
Yahoo!7 September 2, 7:13 pm

Singer and dancer Manuela Oliveira moved to America in a bid to realise her Hollywood dream – which has turned into a nightmare. Report by Bryan Seymour.


Scientology prison camps

Reblogged from Anette Iren Johansen:

One of the Scientology razor fences. Photo taken by activist Angry Gay Pope. Scientology’s CST, California. In this shot, you can see the spikes on the compound’s fence, which face inside, to prevent escapes.

Scientologists are kept behind razor fences, against their will, monitored by cameras and motion sensors, unable to escape.

If you are in doubt whether you should leave the Church of Scientology or not, this information should clear that doubt.

If you continue to support the Church of Scientology, you also support human rights violations and Scientology prison camps. Be responsible, get educated, find out what is going on behind the razor* fences of Scientology.

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Thank you Anette for putting the spotlight on and exposing the Truth (crimes) of the Church Cult of Scientology.

Where is Shelly Miscavige?

Shelly Miscavige | Photocourtesy of Claudio and Renata Lugli.

Shelly Miscavige | Photocourtesy of Claudio and Renata Lugli.

SHELLY SPEAKS: Scientology Leader’s Banished Wife Says She’ll Get Out “Only One Way”

Reblogged from The Underground Bunker:

One of the most intriguing mysteries of the Church of Scientology is the disappearance of Shelly Miscavige, wife of the church’s leader, David Miscavige. A frequent refrain heard from critics of the church is “Where’s Shelly?” — and that question is also central to the recent defection of Leah Remini, who began to break away from the church when she didn’t get a satisfactory answer.

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For daring to write up the leader of the church, Remini was ordered to go to “Flag,” the spiritual headquarters of Scientology in Clearwater, Florida. Thinking she was going to advance her case on the “Bridge,” instead she was subjected to three months of sec-checking — a brutal form of interrogation — and “The Truth Rundown,” an Orwellian practice of thought reform. As a result, she was convinced to rescind her reports about the wedding.

Orwellian Thought Reform program for anyone who dares to think for themselves and ask questions about David Miscavige, the Supreme Ruler for life of the Church Cult of Scientology Inc.

Well, Chairman Mao Miscavige, This inconvenient truth about your wife is not going to go away.


Mike Rinder weighed in tonight with more excellent analysis of the Shelly Miscavige tragedy. He explains in laymans terms the mind f*cking that goes on in the Cult of Scientology.

It is highly unlikely after this amount of time that even if someone could talk to her that she would say she wants to leave. Typical for this situation, she has been indoctrinated since early childhood to believe that whatever circumstances she finds herself in are HER DOING. That she is responsible for being sent away to live in purgatory for years, and that only when SHE has resolved HER own transgressions will all be well. And of course, part of that in her mind is convincing herself she no longer wants to leave — it is the first step “I must be getting my overts off as I no longer want to leave.”

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Laura D to Scientology: It’s Too Late for a Protective Order in Forced-Abortion Case

Reblogged from The Underground Bunker:

Laura DeCrescenzo’s attorneys have answered the Church of Scientology’s latest attempt to derail her forced-abortion lawsuit, and they’ve done it in only two pages.

Laura DeCrescenzo – Sea Organization Whistleblower

The church has until July 2 to turn over DeCrescenzo’s “pc files” — thousands of pages of confessional material compiled while she was an employee of the church starting at only nine years of age. DeCrescenzo believes that the documents will bolster her claim that she was abused as a member of Scientology’s “Sea Org,” including her assertion that she was forced to have an abortion at 17. Scientology has already lost two appeals fighting the court order, and have now asked LA Superior Court Judge Ronald Sohigian for a protective order to keep the documents from being seen by the public.

Her answer to that request is short and sweet.

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DeCrescenzo Opposition to Protective Order

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