Narconon Not Scientology? Then Why Is Its Leader in the Church’s Concentration Camp?

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Where’s Rena?

On Saturday, we took you inside the troubled Scientology drug treatment center in eastern Oklahoma, Narconon Arrowhead.

Three deaths have occurred at the center since October, and the most recent of them, Stacy Murphy, 20, was found on the morning of July 19.

A former patient of the center who knew Stacy told us what conditions were like at the center, which uses Scientology’s odd “training routines” rather than drug counseling. We also talked to a former employee of the facility who told us about the shaky history of Narconon Arrowhead’s certification by the state of Oklahoma. Even before the recent deaths, he told us, officials at the center had worried that its certification was “vulnerable.”

And now, we have startling information about the connection between Narconon and Scientology itself which, like so many other stories we’ve explored here, brings us right back to church leader David Miscavige’s concentration camp for executives, known as “The Hole.”

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Once again Tony Ortega has torn the lid off of the not-so-hidden secret that Scientology’s Sea Organization operates Narconon as a front group for Scientology.

The Association for Better Living and Education, or ABLE, is staffed entirely by Sea Organization members. All Narconon’s pay licensing fees to ABLE.

Stop Human Trafficking in the Sea Organization

Multiple sources have reported that Rena Weinberg, a long-time Sea Organization member and President of ABLE, has been incarcerated in Scientology’s concentration camp near Hemet, California on the orders of David Miscavige, Supreme Leader of the Sea Organization.

Rena Weinberg, President of ABLE, is a long time Sea Organization member and has been incarcerated in Scientology’s Concentration Camp near Hemet, CA for five years. She may still be there today. The ABLE website still has Rena listed as President of the organization.

Sea Org on Sea Org violence is real and it must be stopped.

In the 1960’s Hubbard founded the Guardian’s Office. They could not get their own “ethics in” and ultimately the U.S. Government had to. Hubbard’s wife and many others served Federal prison sentences. Hubbard was named an undicted co-conspirator and spent the rest of his natural life on the move.

Today, the Sea Org cannot get it’s “ethics in” and now the rest of Mankind will.

Four individuals have died at the Narconon facility in Oklahoma – three in ten months. This facility needs to be shut down IMMEDIATELY until an investigation can be completed and the State of Okalhoma can get to the bottom of exactly what is going on in that facility.


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