Church of Scientology is above the law | Karen de la Carriere

Karen was trained personally by L Ron Hubbard as a Class XII Case Supervisor – the equivalent of a Cardinal in the Catholic Church.

The “Church” of Scientology has always considered itself above the law. It treats it’s own workers with callous disregard. It is a matter of world wide interest that horrible living conditions, beatings, assault and battery go unreported to law enforcement.

Child molestation through the years has been covered up. My own son Alexander Jentzsch had sex with 40 year old 2x and this was unreported to Clearwater PD. Other crimes are continuously hidden for sake of “Good Public Relations”.

I will be uncovering these crimes and exposing them on this YouTube Channel. The start of this series depicts putting staff and public at risk while the $$$$$ flows up the command lines to “senior management”.

Sea Organization slaves live in Third World conditions in the middle of Los Angeles while their Supreme Leader, David Miscavige, lives like a Middle Eastern prince.

So the Sea Org is going to Clear this planet and then save this sector of the universe? They’re so degraded they can’t create decent living conditions for themselves.

Trained liars.

The Sea Organization - Whatever it Takes

The Sea Organization – Whatever it Takes

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