Scientology Flag Service Organization v. Debbie Cook

Scientology leader claims kidnapping, torture

SAN ANTONIO – Debbie Cook, the Church of Scientology’s top authority figure in Clearwater for 17 years, takes the stand. (February 2012) [Maurice Rivenbark | Tampa Bay Times]

Scientology Stalker at the Front Door

Anna Paddock from Austin Texas. Once known as Anna Stilo. In the early eighties she was a WDC (high ranking executive in Scientology) member – notorious for being constantly downtone. Being a former Sea Organization member Ms Paddock has been going through hell for some time trying to get security eligibility to engage in upper level Scientology studies.

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Scientology Shock Squad Hits Small Texas Town

The Scientology Squirrelbusters arrive in Texas to harass a former member of their “church”. These fools with the cameras on their heads have attained Scientology’s highest level of spiritual enlightenment, OT VIII.

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