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Graduating Scientology

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Memoirs of a Scientology Warrior my Mark “Marty” Rathbun

A lot of what I do has come to be characterized by my wife and me as assisting folks to graduate above Scientology. It is somewhat of a unique notion. In fact, the vast majority of people who devoted much time to Scientology ultimately go through the graduation process; reconciling what they learned and gained, differentiating it from the entrapment mechanisms involved, and finding ways to integrate with society, and to evolve and transcend as a person. As far as Scientology-understanding assistance along that route, resources have been slim.

To date there has really only been a couple of paths for Scientologists and ex-Scientologists; at least ones that are assisted by Scientologists or ex-Scientologists who understand something about the subject. Both avenues are of the least resistance variety; the easy, least effective ways that ultimately don’t lead toward graduation.

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Where is Shelly Miscavige?

Shelly Miscavige | Photocourtesy of Claudio and Renata Lugli.

Shelly Miscavige | Photocourtesy of Claudio and Renata Lugli.

SHELLY SPEAKS: Scientology Leader’s Banished Wife Says She’ll Get Out “Only One Way”

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One of the most intriguing mysteries of the Church of Scientology is the disappearance of Shelly Miscavige, wife of the church’s leader, David Miscavige. A frequent refrain heard from critics of the church is “Where’s Shelly?” — and that question is also central to the recent defection of Leah Remini, who began to break away from the church when she didn’t get a satisfactory answer.

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For daring to write up the leader of the church, Remini was ordered to go to “Flag,” the spiritual headquarters of Scientology in Clearwater, Florida. Thinking she was going to advance her case on the “Bridge,” instead she was subjected to three months of sec-checking — a brutal form of interrogation — and “The Truth Rundown,” an Orwellian practice of thought reform. As a result, she was convinced to rescind her reports about the wedding.

Orwellian Thought Reform program for anyone who dares to think for themselves and ask questions about David Miscavige, the Supreme Ruler for life of the Church Cult of Scientology Inc.

Well, Chairman Mao Miscavige, This inconvenient truth about your wife is not going to go away.


Mike Rinder weighed in tonight with more excellent analysis of the Shelly Miscavige tragedy. He explains in laymans terms the mind f*cking that goes on in the Cult of Scientology.

It is highly unlikely after this amount of time that even if someone could talk to her that she would say she wants to leave. Typical for this situation, she has been indoctrinated since early childhood to believe that whatever circumstances she finds herself in are HER DOING. That she is responsible for being sent away to live in purgatory for years, and that only when SHE has resolved HER own transgressions will all be well. And of course, part of that in her mind is convincing herself she no longer wants to leave — it is the first step “I must be getting my overts off as I no longer want to leave.”

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Leah Remini departs Scientology Inc for asking “Where is Shelly Miscavige?”

Karen De La Carriere provides expert analysis:
Leah Remini departs Scientology Inc, a note on the “Truth Rundown” and Shelly Miscavige

The Truth Rundown is the Scientology version of Thought Reform.

Leah Remini was subjected, on and off, to five years of Truth Rundown for inquiring about the whereabouts of Shelly Miscavige, Scientology Supreme Leader David Miscavige’s wife, at Tom Cruise’s wedding.


Scientology Thought Reform

Thought Reform is enforced as a method of domination from the very top down, and on one another. It is done behind the locked doors of a counseling / interrogation room, inside the Scientology gulags for Sea Organization members, and very publicly. They don’t even bother to mask it.

Here is one very public example:

Kirstie  Alley, a victim of Scientology thought reform,  dramatizes thought stopping.

Kirstie Alley, a victim of Scientology thought reform, dramatizes thought stopping.

I wonder if Kirstie Alley has ever cleared the terms Stockholm Syndrome?

Cognitive Dissonance?

So Leah’s question has yet to be answered, or even acknowledged, by Scientology Inc.:

Where is Shelly Miscavige?

Shelly Miscavige, wife of Scientology Supreme Leader for life David Miscavige, before she was banished to a Scientology prison by her husband.

Shelly Miscavige, wife of Scientology Supreme Leader for life David Miscavige, before she was banished to a Scientology prison by her husband.


Scientology Inc. is working overtime to dominate and control what’s left of their cult by enforcing their Disconnection policy and practice, even though their spokespuppets continue to assert that “There is no Policy of Disconnection.”

See Mike Rinder’s report Disconnection? No Such Thing…

And Tony Ortega’s post










The Quest: Quixotian or Gandhian?

Moving On Up a Little Higher

On his ‘Dean of Technology’ course titled Class VIII, L. Ron Hubbard advises that the ultimate state of consciousness attainable in Scientology (dubbed OT, for Operating Thetan) is simple.  The state is attained when the individual no longer carries any lies with him.  An individual is as OT as he doesn’t walk about with lies.

So it is with Scientology itself.  As a subject it contains a wonderful body of technology for helping to strip a person of the lies through which he filters the universe around him.  The biggest problem with broad dissemination and application of that technology is its self-imposed prohibition on differentiating that technology from the broader body of Scientology work that is chock-full of lies.

Because of the religious cloak with which L. Ron Hubbard chose to enwrap Scientology, the discernment of truth from lies within Scientology is not an easy task.  L. Ron Hubbard wrote a large…

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Human Trafficking: My 26 years in the Sea Org

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Carol Nyburg (Vedder) is OUT

On November 3rd, 1982, I arrived at Flag to join the Sea Organization. I was met at the front door by none other than Wayne Baumgarten. That is how long I have known Wayne. He was, at the time, in charge of all the new recruits. I arrived with my 1 year old daughter, Nancy. No one was more excited than me to be at Flag and to be in the SO. I didn’t care what post I got I just wanted to do my part in helping the Planet be a better place to be.

My main reasons for joining this group besides helping the Planet were I felt I would be better understood and I wanted my daughter to be in a drug free environment.

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Testimonial of Human Trafficking Victim of Scientology’s Sea Organization

Here is the actual true account of Carol Nyburg, survivor of Sea Organization Mind Control. In particular I would like you to read this statement from her account:

Another really scary thing happened during this time, it was called “Boot Camp.”

This was some kind of nutty ethics program that didn’t start till after you had worked all day. So at 11 pm a group of us, all registrars like myself from all over the base, not just accommodations counselors but IAS, Freewinds, Planetary Dissemination registrars, too. There were about 15 to 20 of us. First we would do exercises. I was just turning 60 at this time. This was not an easy ordeal for me. Then we would do close order drilling. If you goofed up, you had to drop and do pushups or some such thing. Then we were taken to a renovation project that was going on at the Base somewhere and made to do some horrible job till about 2 am. We were then taken to our berthings to sleep and we had to be back in at 8:30 am for more ethics handlings and special reading assignments, then on to post, then boot camp again at 11 pm. This was my most fearful time in my entire career. The reason was because it did not follow anything I had ever read about Scientology ethics and I had no idea how it would end or what to do to ensure it would end. It finally did end. At the end I had to write up how “beneficial” it was for me and how much “better” I was doing then. Of course I just did it because I would have done anything to make sure this abuse stopped.

During Boot Camp, if there was any infraction no matter how small, you were called up before the group and the infraction was read out which was in itself humiliating and then you were supposed to do some strenuous exercise in front of everyone. Me up there was not a pretty sight I can tell you! This whole entire experience was the most psychotic and terrifying of my entire 26 years as a staff member. It was this experience that finally convinced me that “I have to get of here!!”

This is the Sea Organization

The Sea Organization



Geir Isene - uncut

  1. Make it your first policy to “Maintain friendly relations with the environment and the public.”
  2. Create some free or very cheap introductory service that give the public real gains
  3. Disseminate the introductory service widely, attracting many prospects
  4. Ensure every person that takes the introductory service feel indebted
  5. Sign the person up for more expensive service
  6. Make sure the service give real gains, lest people will leave
  7. Preferably advertise gains to be had that you cannot deliver, keeping the person always wanting the next service level
  8. Keep the atmosphere light and fun while the person invest increasingly more money and time
  9. Make the person feel special, as part of an elite society
  10. Enforce a policy that no one can talk about or discuss anything negative about the service
  11. Make up a good reason for this
  12. Ensure the person gets pot committed
  13. Increase the pressure, gradually squeezing the person for more time…

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Selectively Numbing and Thought Stopping

Moving On Up a Little Higher

At chapter ten in What Is Wrong With Scientology?,  I discuss the thought stopping process that Scientologists are conditioned to engage in.   I have subsequently recognized a couple more insidious by-products of that thought stopping process.  They might in fact explain the substantial ‘decompression’ process period corporate Scientologists seem to need to feel human again.   I got to thinking about this after viewing an extraordinary talk that a friend sent me the link to.  It was given by Dr. Brene Brown, research professor of Sociology at the University of Houston.   I highly recommend you watch and listen to this in full when you have got 21 minutes to spare:

In order to acceptably thought-stop in corporate Scientology, don’t we also stop (or numb) our emotions?    I think Brown is right that people cannot selectively numb emotion.   Instead, they numb themselves so as to wall off, or…

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