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Scientology prison camps

Reblogged from Anette Iren Johansen:

One of the Scientology razor fences. Photo taken by activist Angry Gay Pope. Scientology’s CST, California. In this shot, you can see the spikes on the compound’s fence, which face inside, to prevent escapes.

Scientologists are kept behind razor fences, against their will, monitored by cameras and motion sensors, unable to escape.

If you are in doubt whether you should leave the Church of Scientology or not, this information should clear that doubt.

If you continue to support the Church of Scientology, you also support human rights violations and Scientology prison camps. Be responsible, get educated, find out what is going on behind the razor* fences of Scientology.

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Thank you Anette for putting the spotlight on and exposing the Truth (crimes) of the Church Cult of Scientology.

Scientology Tried To Have Wikipedia ‘THE HOLE’ Deleted

Reblogged from Examiner.com

“The Hole” is a prison for Scientology Sea Organization Members

With over 105,000 page views in only three days, Scientology appears to be engaged in an Edit war to have ‘The Hole’ web page removed from Wikipedia.

The facility known as the Hole is located on the Church of Scientology’s Gold Base, built on the site of a resort called Gilman Hot Springs to the north of the Californian town of Hemet.

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David Miscavige, Scientology Supreme Leader, operates a prison for Sea Organization members at his compound near Hemet, CA

Yes, this sounds incredible but it is true and has been reported for years by some brave media members and escapees who have turned whistle blowers.

And once again, the Church of Cult of Scientology is attempting to alter reality by influencing Wikipedia.

If you do your own research you’ll find out the actual truth about Scientology, The Hole, David Miscavige, and the Sea Organization.




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