Scientology and Psychiatry

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Memoirs Of a Scientology Warrior by Marty Rathbun

Lori Hodgson visited with us in April 2011. She was there on 18 April when the Squirrelbusters (SQBs) first arrived. I had already just learned quite a bit about the leaders of the original SQB crew prior to their arrival. That is because one of the reasons for Lori’s visit was to heal from the terror they had already individually and collectively visited upon Lori. I was going to publish this article while Lori was with us, but we held off because Lori considered it might not help at that time in her ongoing efforts to reunite with her two children that had recently been estranged from her. We both agree that publication is now appropriate.

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Stop DISCONNECTION and FAIR GAME by the Church Cult of Scientology.


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