Scientology Disconnection and Fair Game: You can leave, we keep your kids

Part 2 in a 6 part series. Please visit Part 1 if you have not seen it already.

Lori Hodgson has 2 children Jessica and Jeremy who have been manipulated by the “Church” of Scientology to disconnect and shun her.
I know all about this toxic policy. I lost my 27 year son in death because the *CHURCH* cut him off from me so that he then had no medical treatment or anti-biotics for his pneumonia.
The Church of Scientology specializes in the destruction of families. I receive Email from all around the world daily with tales of family destruction from Scientology Inc.

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About Howard Roark

I have no malice or hate for anyone. I do want The Truth Revealed to the world about the slavery, human trafficking and other human rights violations of a vicious International Corporation. Stop #humantrafficking Stop Disconnection and Fair Game
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