Scientology Sea Organization Will Stop At Nothing to Hide the Truth About It’s Founder

Jon Atack and a Special Guest Wrestle with Gerry Armstrong’s Legal Scientology Nightmare

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Gerry left Scientology on December 12, 1981, after making every effort to correct the many falsehoods promulgated by L. Ron Hubbard about his exploits. He made sure, however, to deliver by that date copies of many documents that Omar Garrison needed for the biography that Garrison was writing of Hubbard. The documents included copies of Hubbard journals, letters, the hypnotic Affirmations, and magic ceremonies (such ceremonies include the bizarre Blood Ritual, where Hubbard dedicated himself to the service of the black goddess, Hathor, the destroyer of mankind. Omar Garrison showed me a copy of this deplorable document). Gerry kept nothing for himself.

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