Leah Remini Retaliation? Suddenly, Scientology “Fair Gaming” Of Critics Is Way Up

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Since it was revealed that Leah Remini was breaking away from the Church of Scientology, her family — and many of us observers — have been anticipating that Scientology will do its thing and go on the warpath.

Claire Headley and the boys: Are these kids so threatening, they deserve to be stalked by Scientology’s private eyes?

Now, we have evidence that a massive campaign of Scientology “Fair Game” has begun — aimed not at Remini and her family, but at longtime critics who have in the past couple of weeks seen a huge increase in harassment.

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Karen de la Carriere, in front of some of her rescued birds.

Scientology’s former top spokesman has seen a sudden surge in surveillance by private investigators. But Mike Rinder also has been targeted by his own daughter.

In this video Karen explains how Scientology Inc’s Office of Special Affairs (OSA) applies the Policies for “Fair Gaming” whistleblowers, or anyone with a contrary opinion:

And in this video we can see Mike Rinder being harassed by the Cult:



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