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Amber Bullins

More than a year ago — on May 19, 2012 — a 22-year-old woman from North Carolina named Amber Bullins died at Tranquility Detox, a Scientology-based drug rehab facility in Battle Creek, Michigan owned by a man named Per Wickstrom.

Former employees of Wickstrom tell us that it’s only in the past few months, however, that the Battle Creek Police Department has begun to investigate the death in what is becoming a more general probe of Wickstrom’s two rehab centers in the town. (He owns businesses — or the buildings they lease — in two more Michigan towns, and has plans for another in Michigan and one in Indiana.)

We have received information that the investigation is taking a hard look at those facilities and the kind of complaints that plague other businesses run on Scientology’s drug rehab model, known as “Narconon.”

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Our sources tell us that criminal and civil investigations of Per Wickstrom’s drug rehab facilites throughout Michigan are ongoing — and we hear that ABC News is planning a major piece about Wickstrom’s mini-empire of Narconon centers in the near future.


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