This Is What a Scientology Investigative Reporter Does: Investigate People Who Report on Scientology

Scientology campus in Hollywood

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A couple years ago, Scientology posted a puzzling want ad seeking “experienced investigative reporters” for its magazine, Freedom, which “covers human rights and social betterment issues and does investigative reporting in the public interest.” What kind of stories would these reporters be investigating? We got an answer that the mission includes digging up dirt on Scientology’s critics.

On Friday, Freedom reporter James Lynch sent an email to Foster Kamer, a blogger who used to work for the Village Voice, asking for information for a profile of Tony Ortega, the former editor of the Village Voice who has since focused primarily on criticizing the Church of Scientology. Lynch’s first question: “Do you know any reasons for Ortega’s obsessive interest in and incessant blogging about Scientology?”

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Didn’t Scientology Inc learn anything after the U.S. Government had to put their “ethics in” for the crimes they committed while implementing Operation Snow White?

Sea Organization robots are not programmed to learn from their mistakes.

1930's image of Hitler youth

1930’s image of Hitler youth

The reason Scientology has a reputation for being a creepy cult is because it IS a creepy cult.

What is Operation Snow White?

United States of America v. Mary Sue Hubbard & 10 other Scientology operatives

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