DISCONNECTION: A Double Dose of Scientology’s Toxic Use of “Leverage”

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Leah Remini’s defection from Scientology put into stark relief one of the church’s most toxic policies: Disconnection. Because Remini and her family dared to walk away, their longtime Scientology friends were told to cut off ties with them as quickly as possible.

The church put out a statement, denying that its members are forced to disconnect, but we asked our readers for examples that prove the policy is still in force and is quite common. Mike Rinder and other former Scientology officials tell us that the church uses Disconnection as a way to have “leverage” over its members and keep them controlled. After we made our call for entries, we received a remarkable outpouring of stories, but some came in later and we wanted to highlight a couple of them today.

We’re starting off with a letter from Lori Hodgson, a woman we’ve written about before. The last time we checked in with her, she had made a trip to Texas to surprise her son for Mother’s Day.

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Lori Hodgson

The Church of Scientology Inc. dominates and controls members through the use of it’s Policy and Practice of Disconnection

Here are testimonials from some of the targets of the Cult.




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