An Open Letter to Denise Miscavige Gentile

This letter originally appeared as a comment by The Oracle on Mike Rinder’s Blog. I’m reposting it here because it deserves it’s own post. – Howard

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An Open Letter to Denise.

Dear Denise,

Some fucking twin your brother turned to be right? Didn’t he read the defintion of “Twin” . Then why the hell did he leave you slumming it down in the fucking swamps? Now what? He is just going to ser fac all over your ass on top of HIS hat drop? Fuck Hiiiiim Denise. He just wants to suppress the fuck out of you so you don’t write the nest “tell all”. He’s sitting out in the desert living like a rock star and has been for YEARS on slave labor and now he expects YOU to become the effect of his ser facs? Tell him to shut up and SHOW YOU THE MONEY! It’s HIM that let YOU down. And a few others I might add. Has he called you once to find out if YOU need anything? No! Because it has ALWAYS been about HIM right? After you shared your food in the womb for nine months and gave HIM equal opportunity! He has been loaded on Scotch for YEARS! Tell him to take a hike to A.A. and handle his fucking drinking problem why not? Don’t let him “Lord it over you” just because he posted bail and paid an attorney! You know “He” didn’t REALLY pay anything, the I.A.S. did. The fact that you smoked a little weed is NOTHING compared to his FRAUD, EMBEZZLEMENT, DOMESTIC ABUSE and a host of OTHER BULLSHIT. He IS SER FACING right? Setting it up so you will “OWE” him right? Don’t fall for that crap. I personally don’t think anyone who smoked a little weed needs to be parked in “Rehab”. “Rehabiltiation” has a different meaning in Scientology if you know what I mean? Fuck Rehab. You are FINE just the way you ARE. OWN IT PROUDLY! I am proud of you Denise!


The Oracle also left an excellent comment on the same post about the HYPOCRACY of David Miscavige and the Church Cult of Scientology which you can read here.

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