Why does the Church of Scientology continue to repeat its mistakes?

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It continues to harass its critics. And it continues to backfire.

It keeps on trying to stifle free speech. And it keeps on backfiring.

It perpetually lies in public. It perpetually comes back and bites them.

Why is the organization not learning from its mistakes? Why does it have the learning potential of a gold fish?

I think the short answer is that it is ingrained in their very makeup. When Hubbard created Scientology, he sealed the deal by ensuring the subject was engraved in stone. He wrote the policy “Keeping Scientology Working” that made sure no one could alter or improve upon what he had created. And it is this fixed mentality that runs through all of Scientology. Hubbard created Scientology, its policies, its modus operandi and there could be nothing wrong with it. So the church continues to do the same thing over and…

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