Matt Feshbach – Superpower Truth Revealed | Scientology

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The World Famous Finance Seminar…. Truth In Advertising Check

Matt Feshbach Finance Seminar

Matt Feshbach Finance Seminar

…But the whopper in the middle of the room is this. “Learn from a master. Find out how Matt applied LRH Finance Tech to his own life…”

Read the excerpt below from the declaration filed by Matt Feshbach in the United States Bankruptcy Court on 12/11/11 and see if this is someone you would want to take financial advice from:

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Scientology Inc is a Lie Factory. They are not capable of telling the Truth.

Thank you Mike Rinder for telling the Truth in this blog post.


Feshbach bankruptcy declaration:


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    2006 Tampa Times article featuring Superpower completion Matt Feshbach:

    Scientology nearly ready to unveil Super Power

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