Disconnection — Scientology’s Nasty Secret

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Scientology Disconnection destroys families and lives

While Scientology spokespeople have routinely denied that “enforced disconnection exists”, anyone who is familiar with the Corporate Church of Scientology knows only too well about disconnection. Like so much else in the Corporate Scientology empire, its an ugly truth to be hidden from the “wog” world through a game of carefully worded deception of the same order as Bill Clinton’s infamous “I did not have sexual relations with that woman.”

When you see a church spokespeople emphatically state “there is no policy of enforced disconnection” in Scientology, the language is carefully chosen. (You can see Tommy Davis doing even worse than that here though frankly, he is a pretty poor example of the art of careful wording, he set records for horrendous blunders in his short career that will never be surpassed).

But if pressed on the subject, the response is further dissembling in this wise: “those who disconnect CHOOSE to do so” followed by “everyone has a right not to communicate with someone who is harming them, like an abused woman has the right to leave her abusive spouse.”

It sounds reasonable, but it’s not reality. And the church believes they can just keep asserting this and nobody will notice they are lying.
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The Church of Scientology Inc Policies and Practice of Disconnection destroys families and lives

Yup. Hubbard wrote the Church Policy, publicized it worldwide, enforced it, then decided it was “cancelled”.

Then reinstated it.

So much for family values

Read this entire blog post by Mike Rinder
and decide for yourself whether or not this is a fascist cult or a religion that is ending war, crime and insanity.

Vintage Hitler Youth Poster

Vintage Hitler Youth Poster

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