Enforced Disconnection Divorce Finalized

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Almost one year to the day, the enforced disconnection between my wife Tatiana and I has resulted in a completed divorce.  One year ago, “Director of Inspections and Reports” (a throw-back to the Inquisition) Mat McCauley e-mailed my wife and informed her of my declare (as a ‘Suppressive Person’) and expulsion from the Church of Scientology (a ‘non-profit’ corporation operating ‘for profit’ (inurement supporting a lavish lifestyle on the part of one David Miscavige) in egregious violation of the laws of the land.  This action constituted ‘tortious interference‘ and was in common language, a destructive intervention between the private and sacred line of communication established between my wife and I.

I read the following into record of the 301st Court of Dallas today:

“The marriage has become unsupportable because of pressure brought to bear on my wife by leadership of the Scientology religion, to ‘disconnect’ from me, resulting…

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