Scientology Applied Scholastics International Headquarters Becomes a Nation of Islam “Singles Retreat” Named “Camp Kiswah”

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Scientology’s Applied Scholastics International Headquarters has been converted into a Nation of Islam singles retreat.

Though this document is from 2012, it is worth sharing. I have never seen it before and I doubt many others have either. It was attached to a comment by Rick Mycroft but I felt it too important to simply be a comment. Thanks for providing this Rick.

This Nation Of Islam Singles Retreat was held at Applied Scholastics International Campus in Spanish Lake, Missouri.

Apparently renamed for the NOI “Camp Kiswah,” this promotional item makes NO mention of Scientology, let alone Applied Scholastics. The only way to be certain that it is in fact Spanish Lakes headquarters is from the bottom right photo.

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Is Scientology in the process of merging with the Nation of Islam?

WTF is this?

The IAS supposedly funded the creation of this place with a grant. Miscavige boasted about this at one of his seasonal Nuremburg rallies / Int events.

It was supposed to be the place where thousands and thousands of teachers from around the world were going to come and be trained in LRH Study Tech to raise the intelligence of millions and millions of children worldwide.

Now he’s turned it into a singles retreat?

Epic fail again Miscavige


Scientology Chairman of the Board David Miscavige, Supreme Ruler of the Sea Organization


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