Scientology’s Sea Organization Stages Another Photo Op to Swindle More Cash

Scraping the Bottom of the Barrel

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Golden Era Productions is an organization operated by the Church of Scientology that produces promotional material for the Church’s membership.
Originally known as Source Productions, Golden Era Productions is staffed by Sea Organization members

A number of people formerly involved in David Miscavige’s international festivals of Shermanspeak and Computer Generated Images have noted that many of the videos showing “accomplishments” are in fact staged by Golden Era and presented as “real”.

Children are rounded up and put into videos of supposed “education programs” that last as long as the cameras are rolling and not a minute longer. Orgs are “filled” with pcs and students consisting of staff and friends, family and any warm body that can be rounded up to make the HGC and courserooms look busy. Relief efforts are rigged just for the cameras. Ribbon cuttings are staged etc etc etc

The footage is never identified as a “recreation” when it is presented. Instead it is heralded as “proof” of “expansion” and “inroads into society.”

Below is an email sent to me last night by our growing cadre of tipsters and correspondents that gives concrete evidence of the deception.

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The Sea Organization: Begging For Dollars

Wednesday a Sea Organization film crew will decend on the Pinellas County School District offices to film video that will be used to fleece more Corporate Scientologists.

The Sea Organization wants your money. All of it.


And they will say or do ANYTHING to get it.

This first comment by John P. is an excellent summation of the effectiveness of Scientology in their lost battle against Hubbard’s arch enemy, Psychiatry, that I want to include it here:

My favorite way of summing up the effectiveness of CCHR and all the anti-psych activities of RCS: In 1960, there were probably fewer than 10,000 psychiatrists in the US (can’t find exact figures but based on population growth alone since then, this is a very safe upper bound; the actual number is probably lower). There were probably about the same number of Scientologists, since the organization was still in the relatively early stages. At that moment, it was easy to imagine that with the rapid growth in Scientology that the number of Scientology auditors would soon exceed the number of psychiatrists in the US, which would have represented something of a victory for Scientology. But fifty years later, there are 38,000 psychiatrists and 105,000 psychologists in the US. There are still somewhere around 10,000 Scientologists. Probably only 500 of those are auditors actually delivering auditing at this point, so the score is not 143,000 vs 10,000; it’s 143,000 vs. 500. And those mental health professionals touch the lives of perhaps 30 million to 40 million people, while those auditors only touch a couple thousand lives. It’s no wonder it is difficult for Miscavige in this day and age to find evidence of a victory of psychiatry.

It will be interesting to see the end product of this video shoot — I am sure it will look like the March on Selma or some other landmark about the civil rights movement instead of a very small city meeting overrun with a dozen raucous protesters. It would be interesting to contrast the video with the memories of some of those who are now ex’s but were there in the original meeting.

I am fully aware that there are problems with psychiatry, and I agree that drugs are over-prescribed to teenagers, particularly ADHD meds to calm down pre-teen and teen boys. In many cases that is hardly the fault of the psychiatrists or drug companies; it is the fault of parents who practically demand that their kid be put on meds as a way of dealing with the usual hormone-fueled energy of those years. Effective parenting and a commitment to putting your kid’s welfare first (instead of the commitment to having a kid as a “lifestyle accessory” as many parents seem to do) would fix the problem, but it takes more work than some are willing to give.

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