LEAK: Scientology’s Rehab Went from $5,000 to $2.5 Million in Insurance Revenue in One Year | Narconon

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Gary Smith

We can hardly keep up with the documents that former Narconon officials Luke Catton and Eric Tenorio have been making public. The most recent is a stunning e-mail that Catton released yesterday, showing how much Scientology’s flagship drug rehab facility, Narconon Arrowhead in Oklahoma, has turned to revenue from insurance companies to bolster its bottom line.

Catton gave us a copy of the e-mail, which he says he received from Narconon Arrowhead CEO Gary Smith early in 2010. Catton himself was once the president of Narconon Arrowhead, but he had left by this time and was operating numerous websites that directed new clients to Smith’s facility. It was important for Catton to be kept up on what was happening at the rehab center, he says, and Smith’s update was a crucial one.

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Thank you Tony Ortega for exposing the con game of Scientology’s front group Narconon

And thank you to Luke Catton and Eric Tenorio for having the courage to step forward and take action to stop the crimes of the Cult of Scientology and the Sea Organization.

Luke Catton


Is Scientology’s Secret Police, the Sea Organization’s Office of Special Affairs (OSA), stalking Luke Catton and his family?

Check out Luke’s comment below and decide for yourself:

Thanks! We’ve definitely hit their radar, as indicated by a suspicious blacked-out car and a blocked phone number silent caller yesterday. It could be nothing, but I’m also not too naive to think it couldn’t be “them”. I’ve also gotten wind of how they’re trying to “Dead Agent” us and secret conference call planning sessions. They should know that the more they try to do shit like that the more they will be exposed = more bad press and less income.


The cult’s Office of Special Affairs (OSA) and OSA’s precursor, the Guardian’s Office, have a long history of this and a whole lot more. Check out Operation Freakout and Operation Snow White.






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    UPDATE: is Scientology’s Secret Police, the Sea Organization’s Office of Special Affiars (OSA), stalking Luke Catton and his family? Check out this comment by Luke (He comments as CoolHand):


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