Focus On: Domestic Servitude


In Greek mythology, the hero Hercules defeated the many-headed Hydra, which grew two new heads for each one he chopped off, using a firebrand and a golden sword given to him by Athena. Human trafficking, a global, many-headed crime, is our modern-day Hydra. It takes many forms – from sex trafficking to forced labour to organ harvesting – and is highly sophisticated and resilient.

One such head is domestic servitude, which will be the focus of my blog post today.


What is domestic servitude?

Domestic servitude is a type of forced labour, where a person is trafficked into someone’s home and forced to work as a helper. They are expected to perform household tasks, such as daily chores, looking after children and doing the shopping.

Often, the working conditions include: receiving little or no pay for long hours with no days off, rarely getting their own space, being…

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I have no malice or hate for anyone. I do want The Truth Revealed to the world about the slavery, human trafficking and other human rights violations of a vicious International Corporation. Stop #humantrafficking Stop Disconnection and Fair Game
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