The Sea Organization: Jason Barclay Tells It Like It Is

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Jason Barclay

This is a good story to begin the new postings on this blog.

Though long, this write up by Jason is worth reading because it illustrates with specifics and detail a lot of what is wrong with the RCS (Radical Corporate Scientology). His experiences — and he would serve perfectly as the “typical staff member” — demonstrate all of the following. Disdain for the well being of the individual. Insane stat pushing. Mistreatment of children. An utter inability to think or apply reason to even the most mundane task, but instead substituting the “winning valence” (mad orders and “cover your ass” actions). Insane regging and efforts to sell “the Basics.” Treating staff like slaves. And a culture of violence accompanied by idol worship of Miscavige (Jason’s bathroom sign incident is the perfect microcosm of “COB”). And you just know that everything is not only true, it is probably understated. What a waste of a dedicated, willing and hard working staff member. Mike

My name is Jason Barclay and below is my Sea Org story. It is more important to focus on what can be done now or just simply remain modern day philosophers. I’m letting this story go out into the world because it’s very therapeutic to finally send it out there. Also, I hope current Sea Org members come across it, as it may wake them up.

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Scientology Sea Organization: Arrogance Imposed onto Incompetence

This account of recent occurrences at the Church’s Cult’s Model Ideal Org for training illustrates just how incompetent and sadistic the Sea Organization is. It boggles the mind that this could actually be going on in the United States today.


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