Scientology Ordered to Turn Over Confidential Files in Forced-Abortion Lawsuit


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Laura Decrescenzo

Laura DeCrescenzo let us know there’s been an interesting break in her years-long lawsuit against the Church of Scientology. She’s suing because during the time she was a worker in the Sea Org — which prohibits its members from having children — she says she was forced to have an abortion, a claim that numerous other former Sea Org workers have also made. (See our previous story about her complex lawsuit.)

The church has argued back that DeCrescenzo took too long to bring her lawsuit after she left the Sea Org, and it has also fought every request to turn over her confidential “pc folders,” which contain detailed information about her time in the church.

But now Los Angeles Superior Court Judge Ronald M. Sohigian has put the case on hold until Scientology finally forks over those files, and he’s given the church a deadline of May 6. It’s potentially a huge new development in a case that has dragged on for years.

We checked with the court file to verify that the judge had made the order, and here’s what Laura told us about it…

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Sea Organization women are forced and coerced into abortions

Here it is: Scientology’s “family values”.

Any other religion I can think of encourages large families, if for no other reason than to expand the numbers of faithful.

Oh no, wait – I can think of one other cult that encourages abortion: Eugenics.


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