President Obama’s Speech on Human Trafficking

News on Modern Day Slavery

Last September, President Obama made a speech renouncing human trafficking and vowing that the U.S.would take serious steps to end what he called “modern-day slavery.” He said that “[slavery] evokes obviously one of the most painful chapters in our nation’s history. But around the world, there’s no denying the awful reality. When a man, desperate for work, finds himself in a factory or on a fishing boat or in a field, working,toiling, for little or no pay, and beaten if he tries to escape — that is slavery. When a woman is locked in a sweatshop, or trapped in a home as a domestic servant, alone and abused and incapable of leaving — that’s slavery.”To access the entire speech, please click here:

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At IJM, we hope to see the president follow through on these promises to make freedom real by collecting150,000 signatures on a letter to the…

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