LEAKED: Scripts Spell Out How Scientology Directs the Unsuspecting to Its Rehab Network


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Some remarkable documents hit the Internet yesterday. They appear to be actual scripts used by employees who answer the phone numbers listed at drug rehab information websites with generic-sounding names.

Narconon is a front group for recruitment by Scientology Inc

The websites claim to deliver impartial advice about drug rehabilitation programs, but many of them are in fact front operations for Scientology’s rehab network, Narconon. According to the scripts — as well as confirmation by several former employees — the people who answer these phone calls are instructed to do everything they can to convince a family to send a potential patient to a Narconon center (and they earn a large bounty for doing so).

It’s the first step in Narconon’s deceptive business model, which has come under intense scrutiny in the past year because of deaths at centers in Oklahoma and Georgia. Before patients arrive at the centers, however, they must be convinced to go there. And that’s where these scripts come in.

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Narconon is a front group for recruitment by the Cult Church of Scientology Inc.

This post by Tony Ortega and the corresponding documents reveal how preying on individuals during a crisis can be a very lucrative business model.




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