Is The L.A. Cyclist Who Was Nearly Killed in Hit-and-Run a Scientology “Sea Org” Worker?

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On Sunday February 17, a man named Damian Kevitt, 36, was nearly killed in a gruesome hit-and-run incident that left him with what one doctor called the worst non-fatal injuries he’s ever seen.

Kevitt was riding a bicycle near LA’s Griffith Park when a person driving a van hit him, then dragged him onto the middle of a freeway. Conscientious drivers stopped to protect Damian from getting run over by other cars, but his injuries were terrible: he’s already lost one leg and may lose another. Both of his arms are broken, a shoulder needs replacing, and he was so scraped up, an infection might come at any time that could kill him.

And without health insurance, the costs for his care are going into the millions, his uncle tells us. His uncle also confirmed for us that his nephew is the Damian Kevitt who is listed as a Scientology Sea Org worker in a 2005 document online. We have asked the church for a comment, but we don’t expect a reply. So we’re asking our correspondents to help us find out: Was Damian Kevitt still a Sea Org worker when he was injured, and is that why he has no health insurance when he needs it most?

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Who is Damian Kevitt?

  • Was Damian a member of the Sea Organization at the time of his tragic accident?
  • A doctor at the scene reported he Damian was riding with his wife Grace.  Where is Grace in all of this?
  • Is Damian still a member of the Sea Org, or did the “offload” him immediately after the accident?

If Damian was a member of the Sea Organization, his wife Grace would have had to be an active member too according to Sea Org policy.  They obviously were getting along well enough to go riding together during their 3 hours of free time for the week.  And if the Sea Organization unloaded him after the accident she would be ordered to divorce him immediately by her Sea Org masters.

Despite their deceitful recruitment propaganda, the Sea Organization DOES NOT provide any kind of health care for their soldiers.  They receive instruction on how to plead indigent, sponge off the taxpayers and take free health care at the county hospital.

The Church of Scientology Inc is an IRS sanctioned tax exempt organization.

Their Sea Organization soldier/priests work an average of 100 hours per week for $50 a week or less to “produce” for this corporation.  When they finally need health care, it is paid for by taxpayers via the county hospital health system.

This is how pimps treat their whores.

If Damian was still a Sea Organization member at the time of his unfortunate accident, and after 18 years of slave-like servitude,

Will the Sea Organization take care of Damian in his urgent time of need?


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