Document Leak: Scientology Sexual Histories

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The Underground Bunker has obtained thousands of new internal Scientology documents which detail, among many other things, how the Sea Organization interrogates its workers about their sexual histories.

In October, we published a current version of the lengthy application that Sea Org hopefuls fill out as they sign their billion-year contracts to join the most fanatical of the church’s employees. But even after being accepted, workers are required to produce even more detailed dossiers about themselves called “life histories.”

We now have actual examples of those histories which are only a couple of years old.

They demonstrate in disturbing detail the invasive interest Scientology has in the sex lives of its workers. (And we mean that. Please be forewarned that there is extremely distasteful material ahead.)

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Is Scientology’s Sea Organization engaged in Human Trafficking?

These leaked internal documents demonstrate how The Sea Org keeps it’s soldier/priests quiet, submissive and producing.

This is also how pimps keep their whores quiet, submissive and producing.


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