Lori Hodgson Appeals to Scientology’s “Spin Doctor,” Michael Sitrick


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Lori Hodgson, with Jessica and Jeremy

In January, in the wake of the Atlantic magazine disaster — when Scientology’s paid “advertorial” extolling the virtues of leader David Miscavige was met with such public derision, the magazine yanked it down — the church tried another way to derail the overwhelming response to Lawrence Wright’s book Going Clear by asking publications to run denunciations of the book by its spokeswoman, Karin Pouw.

Michael Calderone at the Huffington Post revealed that it was a Los Angeles crisis management specialist, Michael Sitrick, who was helping the church distribute these rebuttals to Wright’s book, and that Sitrick had been hired by Scientology 3.5 years ago to help with its image.

By now, Sitrick must know what he got himself into. But just to be sure, Lori Hodgson sent him a remarkable letter recently to make sure he understands who it is he’s working for.

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The Church Cult of Scientology tears apart families with it’s Policy and practice of Disconnection.

The Cult sends out deceptive propaganda like this

Family Values Propaganda

Family Values Propaganda

when in actual fact they are breaking up families like Lori’s.

The Cult of Scientology wants ALL of your money.

The Cult of Scientology want your children.

The Cult of Scientology wants your MIND.

And if you are not 100% obedient they will break you, for in the Cult the individual is nothing.



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