Scientology’s “Disconnection” Policy: Music Lovers, This One Will Break Your Heart

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Scientology’s reputation for cruelty, for embodying the concept of a “bully,” is well earned. But few of its acts of inhumanity have affected us like the story we have for you today.

Mario Feninger

It involves a man who is renowned for his skills at the piano, a teacher who has been hailed for his technique by such well known students as Chick Corea and Tom Constanten.

And now, at the age of 90, the man’s church has compelled him to cut off all contact with a pupil who had been helping to support him financially. Why? Because that pupil dared to walk away from Scientology.

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Stop the Policy and practice of Disconnection by the Church Cult of Scientology

More lives destroyed, more families torn apart, more hearts broken by the Scientology robots.

Disconnection is alive and well in the Cult today. Don’t be reasonable with any of them. They want your money, they want your family, they want your life, and they want OBEDIENCE. Spot the warning signs early and don’t give their recruiters an inch of space. Deal with them firmly and decisively.


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