OT VIII – Hallucinatory Cause?

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Here is a reality check on where the Scientology Bridge leads, at least within corporate Scientology. The following is a published ‘success story’ of a recently minted OT VIII. With all you have read on Super Power and the Super Power building on this blog – use the search feature in the right hand column if you haven’t read much – please consider just how hard this OT VIII is working on creating delusory reality after expending God knows how many years and how much money attaining the supposed state of not having to continually do such. Really take some time to think about this.

Don’t get me wrong, I feel for the guy. But, look at what’s what here. He’s apparently been listing incessantly why, after completing the highest pinnacle of the Scientology Bridge, he caved to ruthless regging not only for more rundowns (Super Power) but no doubt status-raising donations for completing the grounded space ship that is going to take the planet by storm (the $200 million plus Super Power building).

If it is even possible that a person could spend decades and hundreds of thousands to achieve the state of ’cause over matter, energy, space, time and life’ and wind up in such a delusory, perhaps even hallucinatory, state don’t you think it might behoove you to take a little time to evaluate this path against some standards not instilled along that path?

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A Bridge to Delusion?

You gotta read the rest of Marty Rathbun’s post, which contains a testimonial from an individual who has recently reached Scientology’s highest level of spiritual enlightenment known to Scientologists as OT VIII.

The testimonial is the rambling of delusions by someone who has been driven insane by the thought stopping and mind control techniques of the Cult.


Read and decide for yourself. These “enlightened ones” are dangerous to have in your vicinity. They have lost touch with the objective universe we live in.

The comments are worth reading too. In particular, I want to share this one by Joe Pendleton:

I think the subjective wins of Scientology (and the sancity of one’s own universe as LRH talks about in 8-8008) are as valuable as anything in the physical universe. At the same time, in discussing OBJECTIVE outcomes of Scientology, I have to say that LRH talked out of his ass from the very beginning. I now see that Ron’s claims for the Clear in DMSMH could not POSSIBLY have been true? How do I know? Easy, when you actually look at it. LRH said in his description of the Clear, that the Clear would be moral, ethical, rational, etc. So here’s the question on that. How could Ron have POSSIBLY known that? To make that statement in even a superficially scientific way, one would have had to sort of OBSERVE that person in life, right? And how long would you have to observe an individual in life to ascertain that he or she was making rational or moral or ethical decisions in life? A week? A year? Five years? Well, since DMSMH was published in May 1950 and went to the printers some time before that and was written in 1949, how could LRH have POSSIBLY kept track of any Clear’s decisions in life over ANY real span of time? In fact, we don’t really know if LRH produced any clears at ALL, do we? He never published any REAL data on this. His claims in DMSMH were just his POSTULATES, what he THOUGHT would happen (if he indeed really did). But he NEVER stated things this way, ALWAYS stated his claims as fact and certainties. Which is one of the things (or the main thing) that made his claims so intoxicating to his public. And eventually he would change his story and downgrade his claims (there ARE no real specific tech claims for the attributes of clear any more). So … will folks think getting Super Power will somehow reduce the entheta in the world and suddenly make the United States government better? No doubt they will. Why wouldn’t they?

Additionally, Geir Isene posted a reply on his blog that I fully agree with:

Marty Rathbun’s latest latest blog post is an excellent example of a guy justifying his beliefs. Mike Rinder’s comment inspired me to write this post here. Scientologists become experts in justifications as they are told to believe that the subject is The Only Way to salvation. When cracks become visible – they start justifying why the cracks are not there or why they are there for a greater reason. After years of studying the subject, they become extremely skillful in this. This may be the reason why Scientology is and should remain a religion. It is a belief system. It could move into the category of science, but not without inflicting severe pain in its justifiers.

Science is the practice of doing away with one’s beliefs and replacing them with knowledge.

Beliefs are healthy and important when they serve as motivation toward a goal. Beliefs are great for urging to action, but a substitute when used to explain what is.

And finally, as further evidence of the insanity awaiting individuals at the top of Scientology’s Bridge – their version of spiritual enlightenment – I offer this video playlist for your consideration:






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