Tony Ortega | Scientology’s Atlanta Drug Rehab Crumbling: Executive Director Mary Rieser Out

Narconon Georgia former Executive Director Mary Rieser

Narconon Georgia former Executive Director Mary Rieser

We’ve commented in the past how remarkable it is that some of Atlanta’s local news outlets have banded together to keep a close watch on one of Scientology’s more intriguing messes going on there.

Pete Combs of WSB Radio, Jodie Fleischer of WSB-TV, and Christian Boone of the Atlanta Journal-Constitution have coordinated their coverage as a wrongful death and civil racketeering lawsuit has exposed shocking improprieties at Scientology’s drug rehab center in Atlanta, known as Narconon Georgia.

With a trial looming, the case has been going terribly for Scientology, and the state has announced its intention to revoke the facility’s license and shut the place down.

And last night, Combs tweeted the latest sign that things are going to hell in a handbasket for Scientology leader David Miscavige’s side: Narconon Georgia Executive Director Mary Rieser has apparently lost her position, when she had been doing such an effective job lying like a rug.

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Narconon is a front group for Scientology Inc.

preying on individuals during times of distress. Even better if you have insurance they can bill.

How can you tell a Scientology operative is lying? Their lips are moving.


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