“Then there is me!” – Tom Cruise

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Many have speculated just how far Tom Cruise has gone into the Scientology Inc. bedlam created by his best man David Miscavige. The book The Scientology Reformation answers that question rather definitively, now available in Kindle e-book format.

Excerpt from Chapter 8: The Gates Of Hell

…Miscavige’s reaction to my escape was chilling. He ordered John Brousseau, his resident handyman – and the architect of most of the Tom Cruise vehicle and home upgrades – to install prison bars on all windows in the Hole so that no one else could escape.

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Tom Cruise and David Miscavige, the Supreme Leader of Scientology’s Sea Organization | Photo courtesy of LA Times

“You don’t get it. It goes like this,” Tom explained.

He raised his hand above his head, palm downward. “First, there is LRH.”

Moving his hand down a couple of inches, he continued: “Then there is COB (David Miscavige).”

He brought his hand down to his own hairline, highlighting the intensity and seriousness of his words: “Then there is me.”

“Dave and me, we’re big beings. We are surrounded by DB’s (degraded beings). DBs can’t help but try to destroy big beings. That’s just the way it is in this universe. You have to understand this. This is LRH, man. It’s the plight of the big being getting jumped on by all the degraded beings. You gotta be unreasonable to survive around a big being like me. You can’t be weak. You gotta be strong to protect the big being from all the degraded beings.”

Cruise slammed his fist on the table, veins popping out of his neck from the intensity of his tirade…

Hey Tom Cruise, why don’t you ruthlessly put Marty’s ethics in? What about Naz? Sounds like you should put that Degraded Being’s ethics in too?

Isn’t it YOUR responsibility to “do something about it” Mr. Cruise?






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  1. OTVIIIisGrrr8! says :

    We in RTC object to Howard Roark posting scurrilous entheta about the Church of Scientology and OT VIII Tom Cruise.

    We urge all people who stand for religious freedom to not read the Psych Trash posted by Howard Roark.

  2. sugarplumfairy32 says :

    Great post, Mr. Roark..

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