The Church and David Miscavige Are Stupid and Incompetent

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It is getting to the point – hell, it got to the point at least a year ago – that the truth of whatever stories Marty Rathbun and Amy Scobee and Debbie Cook and Mike Rinder and Steve Hall and the whole team of ex-Int staff tell about the “hole” and int base no longer matters. Of course these things are true. Of course the “Hole” existed and exists. However, in terms of conveying how evil Miscavige is to so-called Scientologists still grasping to the Church, it does not matter if they are 100% lies. Why?

Because the 199 day siege of Marty and Mosey’s place was so STUPID, and so SUPPRESSIVE, and so OFF-POLICY, and so INVIDIOUS, that it cannot be defended in the least. We KNOW it happened. There is no question of he-said, she-said. It is a fact.

Then, to top this off, the church is STILL…

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