Hundreds of human trafficking victims being used as slave labour in Wales

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Hundreds of human trafficking victims are being used as slave labour in businesses across Wales, police suspect.

Hotels, restaurants, takeaways, shops, farms, factories and nail bars are being looked at by officers investigating “corrupt employment agencies” filtering illegally trafficked people into the workplace.

In many cases the firms employing the workers are legitimate, but there are warnings that anyone caught using people forced into labour could face years behind bars.

There are about 200 suspected victims of trafficking in Wales, according to a paper written by the country’s first anti-human trafficking co-ordinator.

Examples cited in former police officer Bob Tooby’s Government reports include a food processing factory with more than 100 workers and a cleaning company exploiting a potential 52 victims.

Slaves are also being forced to work at cannabis farms and being used as “scapegoats” when the illegal operations are busted, while the traffickers rake in millions of pounds.

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