Child sex trafficking victim speaks about ordeal to raise awareness

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Billboards going up across Oklahoma this month are targeting victims of child sex trafficking.

Studies show as many as 300,000 American kids are moved into the commercial sex industry every year. The average age of a young girl recruited by a pimp or trafficker into the sex trafficking industry is 13-years old. That’s why organizations and students across Green Country are working to raise awareness.

Part of the awareness is shedding light on intimate partner trafficking. This is where someone will trade their own children or someone close to them for a drug fix. It happened to a woman we’ll call Angela.

“Her choice was to take me and I just couldn’t believe it, and sat there with my jaw on the floor,” says Angela.

Traded by her own mother for drugs, she was forced to service multiple men, including her mother’s dealer, for seven days straight.

“Anytime she needed…

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