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by Mike Rinder

Having tortured myself Clockwork-Orange-style into watching a few hours of Shermanspeak® at the 2012 Maiden Voyage, I have a few observations.

Miscavige’s “Ideal Org strategy” is (no surprise) a complete bust.

He has banked everything on “Ideal Orgs” and the IAS. So, in the age tested manner of a really good ser fac, he will go on proving the “rightness” of this insane strategy until he is dead right.

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David Miscavige, Supreme Ruler of Scientology’s Sea Organization

It’s not JUST the lie that there are “new orgs” (new buildings) being opened, he has compounded the lie that re-opened, re-renovated, Ideal “Org” buildings are “NEW orgs.” How Miscavige gets these things out of his mouth with a straight face may only be explained by Botox overdosing..
– Mike Rinder

You gotta read this post by Mike Rinder. He includes some quotes by Miscavige from the recording of the Freewinds Events that must be read to be believed.

Miscavige is a babbling buffoon. If what comes out of his mouth is any indication of what is going on in Miscavige’s mind…Be afraid. BE VERY AFRAID.

David Miscavige is the self-appointed Chairman of the Board of Scientology and answerable to no one.

If I can stomach it, I will do a separate report on “IAS Night.”
– Mike Rinder

We hope you do Mike. And we know it takes courage and a strong stomach. Of course its a waste of time on one hand, but on the other hand lets continue to expose this sociopath criminal for who he actually is.


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