Miscavige Regime Wrecks……… Yet Another Family

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A long-time, well-respected Field Auditor who I have met shared with me his heart-wrenching story of enforced disconnection from his family.


Merely for mentioning that he had disagreements with the way things were going under David Miscavige, he was “reported on,” and this report caused him to immediately lose his church “IHELP” license to practice Scientology counseling (auditing) as a profession.

Some years earlier, he had already been required to pay tens of thousands of dollars for intensives of “Sec Checking” (metered interrogation), extended merely because he mentioned keeping a diary for purposes of documenting specifics for use in writing knowledge reports (a responsibility given all scientologists), wherein he had included some “critical thoughts” about management.

After being held up weeks beyond his originally agreed-upon length of stay, Wolfgang chose not to cancel prior-arranged plans to be out of the country, which included auditing parishioners overseas (which is supposed…

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