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The following doubt announcements were sent to me by the, until very recently, Course Supervisor of the church of Scientology Mission of Anchorage, Alaska, and her Class VIII husband. These are important documents, on the order of potential impact as A Letter from Garcia and Class XII Karen De La Carriere’s independence announcement. Please carefully read them and do everything you can to give them the furthest possible dissemination among Scientologists. Their data is fresh, and their research is remarkable. What a couple of magnificent thetans!

Forrest & Susan Crane on Kenai Penisula

Doubt Announcement 9/16/2012 by Susan Crane

I am writing you as a friend and fellow Scientologist who is concerned about the current direction of the Church of Scientology. This write-up reflects some of the discrepancies I have observed between the activities of the Church of Scientology as a separate entity to the technology of L. Ron Hubbard. I am completely dedicated to the works of LRH and the technology of Dianetics and Scientology.

Even though Scientology is being delivered in Anchorage, AK with great benefits to individuals, the group is still connected to suppressive actions of the Church of Scientology, specifically those condoned by David Miscavige. I will no longer support the direction the church has been going under his leadership with off-policy programs. I cannot violate my own personal integrity any longer.

I have been in Scientology since 1987 and have been a staff member for 15 of those 25 years, currently supervising at the Anchorage Mission. I am a Flag Interned Class IV Auditor (pre Golden Age of Tech), OT V and Patron of the IAS. I have held several positions within the church ranging from Public Service Secretary, Cram Off, Class IV Auditor, Course Sup and A/ED. While I have had personal disagreements over the years with the way management was being run, violations of LRH policy and tech, it was usually isolated incidents and I felt it best to keep the show on the road. That said, I have had a nagging “feeling” that something was not right within the church. I have done a lot of listening over the years and not a lot of looking. I’ve been told not to read the internet, listen to news, etc. as there may be entheta. I have always been a “good” Scientologist and never looked.

Recently, there have been some high ranking Sea Org members who have either been declared or have left the church. A couple of years ago I was watching a news show and Mike Rinder, a former spokesman for the Church of Scientology, was being interviewed and had left the church and was Declared. Some of you may recall Mr. Rinder as routinely being one of the presenters at the International Events. I was shocked but didn’t bother to look. Last fall, my husband had told me that Dan Koon had also left the church and been declared. If you did the ProTRs course in the 90’s, he was “Joe Howard” in the film. He worked directly with LRH filming the ProTRs film and now he was a declared SP. This just didn’t add up in my universe. Another SP is Larry Anderson who is the narrator in the Orientation film.

I decided it was time to get my head out of the sand and start to look. After all, I live in the United States and I should be able to communicate with whoever I like and not be suppressed or told not to.


An implant is an enforced command or series of commands installed in the reactive mind below the awareness level of the individual to cause him to react or behave in a prearranged way without his “knowing it.”

IMPOSED SILENCE. “The simplest and most common implant – and its lightest but not least deadly form—is the command to withhold. Implants could be said to be “methods of preventing knowledge or communication: and this can extend to the point of the person himself denying himself the data. The commonest “imposed silence” is probably the threatened child – an “if you tell, you will be punished.” Or simply ordering him not to tell. This tends to occlude his own memory and can be classified as an implant.”

The church “culture” has become one of not reading entheta or negative press about the church, don’t communicate to others anything negative about the church, don’t read the internet, don’t communicate to your friends if the church is engaging in a program or activity that violates an HCOB or HCO PL. Per policy, one should write-up actions that disagree with tech or policy. However, if one does KR certain activities, my experience has been Sec Checks being order on the individual at his own expense.

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Sea Organization con men (and women)

How much do I make? How much does my husband make? How much do we have in our savings? What are our investments? Do we have any inheritance? Are we expecting any inheritance? How much do we owe on our credit cards? How much is available on our credit cards? Do we own gold and/or silver? Property? IRA’s? In the middle of this battery of questions, I asked him why he was asking me all of this. (Duh!) His response was to “qualify” me. I then asked him “What about enlightening me on why you need the money”? His response was “We’ll get to that”

There’s your IAS.

Sea Organization members who are going to “put ethics in” on this sector of the galaxy.

Most people would simply call them con men (and women).

They are going to tell you any “acceptable truth”, ANY “shore story” (Hubbard’s terms) to get the last dollar or euro out of your pocket.


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