Miscavige is a “Genius of Criminality”

David Miscavige, Supreme Ruler of Scientology’s Sea Organization

Reblogged comment from Moving On Up a Little Higher by Joe Pendleton:

With all due respect to my friends on this blog, I think most of you are missing the point of this promo piece (or maybe you’re just not commenting on it).

OF COURSE, the way you would clear the planet is to train auditors in every increasing sufficient quanity and drive their production up, up, up. But regarding the point I made on the last post, Miscavige is a “genius of criminality” – a GENIUS in stealing money. He truly is.

This promo pice is fuckin’ BRILLIANT. It not only hits the points of the last page of Keeping Scientology Working, and hits them HARD, but it hits them in an exact way to be used by Michael Roberts, Howard Becker, Bridget, etc etc etc

“We are asking you here and NOW if you are fully committed to clearing the planet? We know you have been committed in the past and that you care and NOW we are asking you to make that committment PHENOMENAL and wholehearted? ………….. We are asking you to be even MORE passionate and courageous in your contribution in clearing the planet. NOW is the time to put aside all the other concerns of the one lifetime and really dedicate yourself to winning or dying in the attempt…. what would you do right NOW if LRH was here and asked you to make every single committment to clearing the planet that you possibly can? Will you at least work with me to see what more you can do? OK, how many credit cards do you have?……..”

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Bravo! Joe Pendleton. This comment deserves its own post.



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