How Miscavige Plans to “Clear the Planet”

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by Mike Rinder

Here is the latest poster put out by the RCS (copyrighted to CSI who are apparently now the main fundraisers for the IAS).

It consists entirely of a quote from Chairman Mao that perhaps is more candid than he intended. He clearly delineates HIS strategy for planetary clearing. It doesn’t involve training or auditing or Grade Charts or anything so messy and difficult that would require actual DELIVERY.

The “IAS” is going to “Clear The Planet” — hip hip hooray for the IAS. Hip hip hooray for “Chairman of the Bored” of Scientology Inc. (inclusive of the IAS and every other entity that is part of the big ball of wax that rolls around under his thumb like an oversized booger).

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Now the IAS is going to “Clear The Planet”?

And they’re going to do it with…Force?

WTF, are they Jedi now? At the bottom of this propaganda banner it says “The Force That Guarantees The Future of Scientology.” I thought the “Preservation of the Tech” project the Sea Org ran around begging money for all these years was supposed to do that.

David Miscavige and the Sea Organization are total failures and this proves it. They’ve given up on “Clearing the Planet” with auditing, training of auditors and that outdated theetie-weetie thing Hubbard thought up called ARC.

The Sea Organization is Force. “Cold-chrome steel” Force.  That in fact is the beingness Miscavige has decreed for his RTC stormtroopers – “Cold-chrome steel”.

So how exactly are they going to use “Force“?

  1. Will they “Force” the lowly “wogs” to become Scientologists?
  2. Are they a “Global Force for Good” like the U.S. Navy?
  3. Will they “Force” everyone into their gulag in Hemet, California if they don’t cough up the rest of their money?

David Miscavige and his Sea Organization are scoundrels.

The IAS Sea Organization staff and Field Staff Members are criminals, plain and simple.  Do your own research and find out how the lie, cheat and swindle people out of their money.

“Condition One Exchange” for all of you OEC theologians.


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