EXCLUSIVE — Paul Haggis On Scientology’s Crude Retaliation: “They Are Bullying A Woman Who Has Yet To Even Speak”

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Haggis strikes back

The Voice received an e-mail this morning from Oscar-winning director Paul Haggis after we asked him about the Church of Scientology’s attack on him and Nazanin Boniadi which appeared on Us Weekly’s website yesterday.

Over the weekend, Haggis spoke up to defend Boniadi — who acted in his movie The Next Three Days — when she turned out to be the subject of this month’s Vanity Fair in a story about her being one of several women who were “auditioned” in 2004 by Scientology to become the next girlfriend for Tom Cruise. According to a teaser of that story published on Vanity Fair’s website Saturday, Boniadi dated Cruise for about three months before she somehow displeased both Cruise and the church’s leader, David Miscavige. As a result, she was punished with cleaning toilets with a toothbrush and other indignities.

Haggis spoke up in a statement to journalist Roger Friedman which appeared on Sunday, saying “I’m appalled that any church would treat its parishioners this way.”

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Paul Haggis and Nazanin Boniadi at a 2011 Amnesty International demonstration in New York City. [Credit: Diane Bondareff/Insider Images for Amnesty International]

“l know Naz to be a woman of principle and commitment to the service of others, as should be obvious by her work with Amnesty International, and I have been proud to stand with her and other friends in more than one demonstration against injustice and tyranny, and in support of people wrongly imprisoned and cruelly treated.

I did not see a representative from the Church of Scientology at any of those demonstrations. I will let people make up their own minds as who they find credible and who they don’t.”

– Paul Haggis




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