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There are many causes that are near and dear to me. One of them, is the issue of human trafficking, both domestic and abroad. This issue is important to me because it is literally modern-day slavery, but often times, we don’t view it that way. Or we simply don’t know about it, and turn a blind eye. If you don’t know, now you know…

In supporting different organizations, primarily nonprofits, it is of paramount importance to research the organization before you donate your money (or time!).  I always visit Charity Navigator and the Better Business Bureau for overall analysis and ratings, as well as GuideStar, where you can actually view an org’s financials (IRS Form 990).

Check out my presentation below that provides information on three major Anti-Human Trafficking organizations. Spread the word.

Human Trafficking in America and Abroad: A Comparison of Three U.S.-Based Anti-Human Trafficking Nonprofits

If we don’t…

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I have no malice or hate for anyone. I do want The Truth Revealed to the world about the slavery, human trafficking and other human rights violations of a vicious International Corporation. Stop #humantrafficking Stop Disconnection and Fair Game
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