“Church” of Scientology is a Hate Group

The Sea Organization Destroys Families

This comment on Moving On Up a Little Higher by Karen de la Carriere deserves its own post:

Karen de la Carriere

As I continue my journey through it all and beyond, I find the “Church” of Scientology has morphed into a HATE group. The HATE part of it directly penetrates the nucleus family.
I am the recipient of a never ending stream of Emails of parents severed from their child in the “Sea org”. Children severed from their parents working 100 hour weeks in the Sea org.

It is all divide, disconnect, sever the family line and give up your personal integrity to keel over to the demand of the “Church.”

The “Church” automatically expects to take your children for the Sea Org. Sea Org recruiters literally THREATEN elligibility and your Spiritual FUTURE if you counter their recruit cycle as “enemy conduct.”
Children in the Sea Org are immediately turned against their parents if their parents wake up to the Abuse, Vulture Culture regging, and a host of other enforcement and over the top CONTROL of their life.
Children are considered Sea org possessions. The nucleus family is routinely destroyed.
Let’s take the case of Heber Jentzsch.

Heber and Alexander Jentzsch

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Stop Disconnection and Fair Game

Thank you Karen for having the courage to speak out about the human trafficking and slavery of the Sea Organization. Too many lives and families have already been destroyed by this Cult. David Miscavige, Supreme Ruler of the Sea Organization, and his soldiers will be brought to justice for their crimes against Mankind.

David Miscavige, Supreme Ruler of the Sea Organization



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