Aggravated Assault and Battery by David Miscavige

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Lest we forget what happened to Scientology Inc., watch Steve Hall on David Miscavige:

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Stop Sea Org on Sea Org violence.

David Miscavige, Supreme Ruler of the Sea Organization


Here is Steve Hall’s comment on this post:

Well tessa, I didn’t stay in the vicinity, that was the actually day I decided to pay any price to get out of there. That price was unimaginably steep. I had to leave my wife of 16 years behind who I was still dearly in love with. I had to also leave behind everyone I had known for 20 years, all my friends and potential business contacts who would have been willing to hire me on the outside. And I had to go out into the world with nothing — no friends, no place to live, no money, no job, no resume, no credit. The trap grew up around us slowly over the years and by the time we realized how bad it was, it was too late to get out. For example, when I was moved up to the Int base in 1989, there were no fences. I could freely call anyone anywhere I wanted, my parents, the police, etc. It was easy to drive away because there were no gates or guard booths. Then in 1990, the phone lines were cut (by David Micavige). Then the fence went up “to protect us from intruders.” Cameras, motion detectors and security lights were put up everywhere. And the “blow drill” was developed to go after and retrieve anyone who tried to escape. I knew one girl who was kept in isolation under 24-hour guard for two years after she was caught trying to escape. The Internet came along and cell phones, but we “didn’t need them” so never had access. There was not even a pay phone. There was a guard 24/7 on the mountainside overlooking the entire property who was able to track people up to 9 miles away with a high powered telescope. Getting out was not easy. And it was really not easy to leave someone you loved dearly. The night I arrived back in Dallas, I walked around my mom’s neighborhood until 5 am tears streaming down my face from the loss of my wife. But I had tried everything and was unable to get through to her.

So to really answer your question, you have to take this situation out of Scientology. It really has nothing to do with Scientology. It has everything to do with a sociopath. The way I was trapped is the same way the Jews were trapped in Nazi Germany, is the same way countless others are trapped around these kinds of manipulative, malignant, ultra toxic, genocidal personalities.

The solution for the group is to publish their crimes as we are doing to protect others from danger, and the solution personally is to learn to recognize the type of spider so you can see the web when they first start to weave it and crush them under foot when they are yet small.

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